Made from Prugnolo Gentile, Canaiolo Nero and Mammolo grapes, and from the 1999 vintage with 100% Prugnolo. Ruby red in colour tending towards garnet with age. Dry and slightly tannic in flavour with a delicate scent off violets. Minimun alcoholic strength 13. Aged in oak for at least two years, three for the Riserva.

Made from Prugnolo Gentile, Canaiolo Nero and Mammolo grapes, it is bright ruby in colour with an intense bouquet and dry flavour.
Alcoholic strenght from 12,5 to 13,5.
It is released on the market after a brief maturation (6 months) in oak.

Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes only in the best vintages when the wine can reach a minum alcoholic strength off 13,5.
Vinified with a long maceration and aged in wood for at least three years, one of which is in barriques.
The wine is concentrated and complex with an intense colour and broad, powerful bouquet.
The ageing capacity is excellent.

Made from Sangiovese and Canaiolo Toscano grapes with a medium period of maceration, ruby in colour, dry and slightly tannic in flavour, alcoholic strength from 12,5 to 13.
Released for sale after at least 12-18 months' maturation.

Made from carefully selected grapes left to dry out for a long period (up until February or March): Malvasia and Grechetto for the traditional version. Alcoholic strength from 15 to 17.
Aged for 4-5 years or more in small, ancient casks with the "mother", the prized result of decades of devoted attention to this unique wine of Tuscany.

Made from Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia del Chianti grapes.
Vinified after a short maceration on the skins (36-48 hours).
Intense straw in colour tending to golden with a clear-cut, characteristic flavour. Suitable with fish and mild dishes.
Alcoholic strength between 12 and 13.